Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kuta, Lombok

In the morning we took a private car about an hour and a half to Kuta Beach, Lombok.
The next morning we had breakfast then rented a motorcar... I drove obviously. We road all around the country side, through jungles, little towns, dirt roads, up and down huge hills and turns, through cattle and monkeys, and we stopped at 3 beaches along the way. We hung out at Mawun for most of the day. The beach was beautiful, it reminded me of Maya Beach in Thailand, but a lot less crowded.

It was really nice riding around seeing the peoples way of living around here. Most of them live in small little huts with many family members. We got to see them tending to their cattle, rice fields, gardens and taking care of their children. It was interesting seeing how happy the children were playing with the simplest things like rocks, sand and kites.

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